The Things I Learned in College: My Year in the Ivy League by Sean-Michael Green


Have you ever wondered what life is like for students with the drive, intellect, money, and luck to study in the Ivy League?

The eight schools of the Ivy League – Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale – are among the most selective and academically rigorous institutions in the world. Each Ivy has its own history and personality, and each attracts brilliant and accomplished students from around the world. These students flock to idyllic campuses in the northeast to learn, live, and party with their peers.

Over the course of an academic year, Sean-Michael Green embarks on an adventure to explore the Ivy League. He spends 30 days at each of the eight schools – attending classes, participating in campus life, and meeting with students. He explores the myths and secrets of the institutions. His travels lead him from fraternity parties and strip clubs to cutting-edge research and engaging professors to historical landmarks and cherished traditions.

This is the funny and inspiring tale of what he learned along the way.


I am giving The Things I Learned in College: My Year in the Ivy League by Sean-Michael Green 5/5 stars.

As a student, growing up and still even now in college I’ve always been an pretty okay student for the most part. Had my ups and downs, but usually kept myself pretty steady. Now of course I wish I would of always been on my A game and applied and gotten into Yale, come to think of it, I blame Rory Gilmore for putting that desire into my head. That being said, Green’s latest book The Things I Learn in College, gave me the insight not only into Yale, but all the other Ivy Leagues that I always secretly wanted to know.

Now, I’ve done research into the Ivy League schools, because they had always interested me. When I was younger, I just couldn’t understand why these schools were so great, but as I got older they interested in because of all the amazing people who had attended them and the traditions and history that they hold. Even through all this research though, I always found myself wanting more, and well as a student, I’m not exactly up to snuff for the Ivies, but The Things I Learned in College was able to fill the void of what I was wanting to know about the Ivies.

The Things I Learned in College, doesn’t take a lot at the Ivy League in the generic sense that one can find in countless articles that just repeat the same facts over and over that one can simply find in a general google search, but Green uses humor and real emotion to bring the Ivy League to live 10 years after he conducted his 8 months of research living, studying and interacting with the students and staff of the Ivy League. Green’s recounting of his time at the Ivy League, is probably one of the honest and compelling pieces of writing I’ve read of any of all of the Ivy League. If you’re a high school student wanting to attend any of the schools in the Ivy League, a parent with a student wanting to attend, currently attending one of the schools or an alumni of one of them, read this book.


The Things I Learned in College: My Year in the Ivy League will be released on April 12th, 2016, but presale will open up in the weeks prior to the release. I will be releasing more information to purchase/order the book then.


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