29 Again & Other Cancer-Fighting Stories


What would you do with your own Fountain of Youth? A book about cancer that isn’t a bummer! There are few things like a cancer diagnosis to throw your whole world into turmoil. It used to be a certain death sentence. Cancer used to have a way of writing its own stories. But now in many cases, doctors have the tools to rewrite the endings. After trading-in his surfboard for a four-wheeled walker with hand brakes, the author battles for survival against an incurable cancer in the rapidly-improving world of 21st century medicine. Buoyed by an indomitable spirit, with the determination of an athlete, and narrated with self-described “gallows humor,” this inspirational book is a must-read for anyone who has been affected by this life-threatening disease. 50% of all proceeds from this book will be donated to City of Hope.



I am giving 29 Again & Other Cancer-Fighting Stories 4/5 stars.

When I got the opportunity to review 29 Again, I was very excited. At the time I requested a copy of it, one of my best friends since Middle School was battling cancer since the start of 2015. The morning of the day after I received my copy of 29 Again, I found out that my friend had lost her battle to cancer. I was devastated and knew I couldn’t pick up this book for a bit. When I was finally able to, I was quite happy that I did.

29 Again, is a quick read 16 short stories coming out to 129 total pages. Now, I’m no going to lie to you and say that all the stories in the book are happy feel good stories, cause well all of them aren’t, but that being said I’m not going to tell you that it will tear your heart out and stomp on it. The stories in 29 Again, truly are a mixture of happy and sad, but while reading it, I found myself not focusing on the cancer, but really on the human condition. These stories are not about cancer, but really how Mark handled it, handled the treatments, and how he handled himself, family an friends through his battle.

Now, I am a fan of most of the stories, but there were a few that I was not a fan of, because for me they were a bit slow.

So, if you are looking for a book about cancer, but not about cancer, 29 Again & Other Cancer-Fighting Stories is for you.



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