Rain Saga Review


The year is 2119. Twenty years ago the world changed forever. Almost overnight, the serene, blue sphere that was once our Earth, was reduced to a dark green smudge, shrouded in a blanket of torrential storms. Millions died in the flash floods. Millions more succumbed to disease. Luna McKelly’s parents were among the survivors who fled to the shielded city of New Denver in the early years of the disaster. Now 18, Luna is a gifted scientific prodigy working on a cure for the dreaded Blister Wart disease-a fungal infection that rapidly consumes its host if left un-checked. But when an expedition into the swamp goes horribly wrong, Luna soon finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew as her entire world unravels around her.


*I received a copy of Rain Sage from Riley Barton in exchanged for an honest review.*
I am giving Rain Saga by Riley Barton 5/5 stars.
I first want to comment about how amazing this story is, especially since Riley started writing Rain Saga when he was 19 years old. I was reading it, and the whole time I was thinking it could of been written by someone who has had best seller already published, but it was his first novel that was published and was written at such a young age. Just the whole time I was reading Rain Saga, that thought kept crossing my mind over and over.
Now as for the characters in Rain Saga, the development was done in a manner that it was believable. Many authors will rush the development of characters, especially in standalone novels, but Riley took the proper time to develop the characters throughout the story. Luna for example who was dedicated to her job and boss from the start didn’t change her feelings/morals to everything right after finding out that everything wasn’t as it seemed, but looked into it more. I know many authors who would of changed how her character felt about everything the moment she found out different than what she thought, but Riley did a great job with this. I mean Luna is shown to be this smart young woman, and I wouldn’t of believed the story if she would of just changed her thoughts on her job/boss the moment she hear everything was a lie.
As for the antagonist of the story which I am not going to spoil 🙂 I was shocked. I mean I had an idea something similar was going to be the case, but I didn’t expect who it was. I personally love when this happens. I mean who doesn’t enjoy the bad guy just sneaking up on you and revealing it’s them.

About the Author:

Riley BartonRiley Barton was born in Boise Idaho, and now lives in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. He began writing Rain Saga at age 19, and completed the novel a year later. He plans on pursuing a career in Young Adult Fiction.

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