Jonathan E. Seyfried Guest Post!

Giving Thanks for Time Travel:  A Time Riven Story

by Jonathan E. Seyfried

November 14th, 2023

Blog Post: Having Bad News,

Most of my readers come to this blog for the secrets of a fantastic kraut or a creative yet

traditional schnitzel.  Today’s post is more of a personal moment for me.  I’ve been writing this

blog for six years now, since the time when I moved to the United States with my American

husband and our three beautiful children.  I feel that in the years of sharing recipes and German

food culture, you have gotten to know me as a person.  You’ve heard about my son’s bicycle

accident, my husband’s achievements as a marathon runner, and my own experiences trying to

understand American customs that seem very strange to me, such as Halloween, overly complex

sandwiches, and television commercials for lawyers.  You have been there with me through it all

and helped me so much in your wonderful comments.  (Barry, who you will see in the comments

as DeutschLover56, you have saved me from horrid embarrassment on so many occasions!

Thank you!)  Well, my dear mother, Angela, back in Germany, has just been diagnosed with late

stage ovarian cancer.  I found out the news from my brother, Berndt, just yesterday and I am

reeling all over with grief and worry.  I just can’t believe it that my time of having a mother is

going to be over soon.  It’s too much.  If I don’t have very many new recipes up on the blog for

the next few days it is because I will need some time for processing.

Comments (31)

LiteraryMage2010:  Wilhelmina my heart goes out to you!

DrHildeVanHeuekling:  Halte durch, meine Freundin.

DeutschLover56:  Stay strong Wilhelmina!

AlanaTalbert:  I have lost loved ones to ovarian cancer.  It is just horrible and every woman

in  my family gets it.


January 16th, 2024

Blog Post:  Saying Goodbye to My Mother,

Dear readers, I am writing from Freiburg.  I’m with my mother in her last weeks and so I will not

be posting for a while.

Comments (24)

DeutschLover56:  Wilhelmina, I am so sorry.

AlanaTalbert:  My condolences, Wilhelmina.


March 4th, 2024

Blog Post:  Unbelieveable News!

Dear readers, there has been a breakthrough in cancer research and treatment.  Little known to

me, a project has been underway for two years now.  You will never believe what it is!  Time

travel is being used to collect genetic information about cancer.  I do not know very well all the

details but Johns Hopkins University and the United States Department of Chronological

Integrity have been collecting data using time travel of all things.  Not in millions of years would

I have guessed that time travel would do anything to help my dear mother.  But it has!  We were

streaming tears of joy when the doctor arrived yesterday with the news that the treatment will be

arriving to her in just two days.  She has been entered as a volunteer for the testing in humans

and it is so exciting!

Comments (53)

LisaGulberson:  Unbelievable!  I’m so happy for you!

DrHildeVanHeuekling:  Ganz toll!  Ich bin ja so froh!

SchnitzelWitzel11111:  This is crazy!  Are you saying that your mother is part of a trial

for a cure for cancer?

BrettTolson:  This really is happening.  My aunt just received the same treatment.  I

really think that cancer is cured!

DeutschLover56:  I am so happy that this arrived in time for your mother, Wilhelmina!


April 8th, 2024

Blog Post: Coming Home ,

My mother’s cancer is cured.  Writing that sentence gives me such a great moment of joy that I

can barely contain it!  It’s been three weeks since she began the new gene therapy.  It’s some

kind of revolutionary type of gene therapy, I don’t understand it at all.  But the doctors said that

only through the view they had from time travel could they discover certain patterns in diseases,

cancer especially.  Our modern technological world is so marvelous!  My mother’s tumors

shrank and dissipated entirely.  It took only twelve days!  Now that my mother is recovered, I am

going to come home to my husband and children in Baltimore.  I am so happy to resume my life

and to help you create wonderful traditional German foods to share with your families!

Comments (8,371)

JanRobertson@CNN:  Could you please call me 001-404-568-1132.  Looking to

schedule an interview with you.

JRossi:  This is actually happening.  I don’t think you are supposed to write about it on

your blog, though.  I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

LarrySchweikart@CNN:  Ms. Kimmel, please contact us at 001-404-568-1132.  We are

doing a story on this new cancer treatment.  You can also reply to one of the emails we

sent you.


April 9th, 2024

Blog Post:  Polite Request,

Oh dear.  It seems that I should not have written information on my blog about the cancer

treatment that my mother received.  In fact, my mother and I did sign a nondisclosure agreement

and my blog posts are in violation of this agreement.  So I have removed my earlier posts and I

know that the cat is out of the suitcase for this but I humbly ask that you not discuss anything so

dramatic as a cure for cancer.  The doctors don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up in case

something goes wrong.

Comments (6)

DeutschLover56:  Mums the word, Wilhelmina.  Hope you don’t get in trouble!

DanTheMan12345:  The expression is “cat out of the bag”


November 28th, 2024

Blog Post: Giving Thanks for Time Travel,

I am extra thankful this year!  That’s because my mother, Angela, is here with us to celebrate

Thanksgiving.  At this time last year she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.  A year

ago, all of us in our close family thought that by next Thanksgiving she would be gone.  Of

course all of you remember back in May when the big news was announced.  (I did not get in

trouble for accidentally revealing it, but thank you for your concern!)  The genetic cure for

cancer arrived just in time for my mother.  Living in Baltimore, my husband and I have a lot of

friends that are connected to Johns Hopkins.  A friend of our daughter, her parents are doctors.

One of them was a researcher on the team that make this glorious breakthrough.  They got my

mother on the list for volunteers to test the cure in humans.  She is back to full health and has

been visiting with us for the last three weeks.  For the first time, I am really understanding this

American holiday.  (Halloween still confuses me!)

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One comment

  1. Kate Tilton · November 20, 2015

    What an interesting take on a guest post Jonathan! Now I’m really curious to know what happens in the story 😉


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