The Legacy of Skur Vol 1 Review


The Legacy of Skur is as grim a fairy tale as one could want. Volume One begins with Fane’s quest of misfortune upon the mountain of Skur which ultimately leaves him imprisoned there. His sole companion has come from underground. And his only protection is a crystal talisman. When Fane’s brother, Kael, is unwittingly thrust into the care of Fane’s newborn daughter, he also gains possession of the crystal talisman. Yet when the talisman’s rightful owner comes to demand its return and holds Fane’s daughter for ransom, an impossible choice must be made. How much is Kael willing to sacrifice? More than he realizes. Fane’s daughter is the legacy of Skur. She’s four and a half feet tall, wields a sword yet is no warrior, claims the title of wizard yet cannot cant a spell, and of the two parents she never knew, only one was human. Her story has only begun…



*I received a copy of The Legacy of Skur Vol 1 from L.F. Folconer in exchange for an honest review*

I am giving The Legacy of Skur Vol 1 by L.F. Falconer 3/5 stars.

The Legacy of Skur, was very much a book outside my regular comfort zone of reading, which is one reason why I wanted to read it. I’ve been trying very hard to branch out more in the world of literature and The Legacy of Skur felt like a good book for me to test out the mid-evil action fantasy genre.

My favorite part of The Legacy of Skur is that it is written in 3 different parts, being told from 3 different perspectives, yet they all tie in together. I felt this was a very interesting way to write the story, as it felt like I got 3 books in 1, because here are these 3 different stories, but you can see how they all are part of one another. I definitely feel like this is a skill that many authors would struggle with, but Falconer did an amazing job with it.

Now, I want to give The Legacy of Skur 5/5 stars, but I am very new to the genre in which it is located in, so I don’t feel exactly comfortable with that. It is very hard for me to say oh yes, this is a 5/5 and not really have a base knowledge of the genre fully, so I am giving it a 3/5 stars. For me, a 3 is a very solid rating. I’ll be honest and say that quite a few of my favorite books I’ve rated as 3/5 stars. 3/5 stars are to me those comforting books that I can go back to over an over and fall more in love with the story each time. I’m currently quite excited to read more books here soon similar to The Legacy of Skur, so I can come back and read it again and appreciate it even more.


About the Author:

L F FalconerA maverick with a pen, Nevada author L.F. Falconer’s powerful, page-turning style of dark fantasy has been consistently praised as both “gripping” and “captivating.” Skillful character-based artistry fuses magic and the supernatural with reality to bring her audience a unique reading experience.

When she wants to relax, Falconer enjoys gardening (a true desert challenge), oil painting, and exploring the Nevada desert and old mining camps.

“I’ve always found magic in the written word. When I write, I don’t know that I embrace any particular genre. If I get caught in an inspiration, I tend to just run with it. To me, a great story is all about the characters. I love to read for character, and I believe I write that way, too.”


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