Bats and Bones Review

Synopsis:,204,203,200_.jpgBats and Bones is IPPY award winning author Jeffrey Hickey’s second work for children. This collection of spooky tales for middle school aged children and above is a subtle masterpiece of fright and emotion. Hickey wrote all the stories, the lush music, and does all the voices for the audio book. His wife, Karen Kiser, contributes the cover art, along with some penny whistle and a little piano. The inside illustrations, layout and design are by Rachel Betz, who also designed Hickey’s first work for children, Wages Creek.


*I received  copy of the book and audio book of Bats and Bones from Jeffrey Hickey in return for an honest review*
I am giving the book Bats and Bones by Jeffrey Hickey 2/5 stars.
I am giving the audio book of Bats and Bones by Jeffrey Hickey 5/5 stars.
The Book:
Bats and Bones is a collection of short spooky stories written by Hickey in which he classifies them for middle school and above. When I was reading it, I kept thinking about how when I was elementary school aged I would of loved this book, but as a middle schooler or high schooler I wouldn’t of even finished it. The stories themselves were not spooky and felt thrown together.

The Audio book:

The audio book or as I like to call it, Hickey’s saving grace for Bats and Bones. The audio book included music that was written just for the book, and was read by Hickey. Hickey would change his voice throughout different parts of the stories when there was dialogue or he felt the story could use an added touch. This truly help bring the stories to life more and added what I felt the stories were missing when I read it without the audio book. I can see teachers playing the audio book for their classes around Halloween as a special treat, because it is so good.
Now, I worry about people not knowing about the audio book. I personally feel that the book and audio book should be sold together as the audio book in my opinion is truly what makes the stories. I had personally only requested a hard copy of Bats and Bones from Hickey as I am not a big audio book fan, but this is one time I am glad I had the audio book.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Hickey is an IPPY Award winning author (scary, man 2014). He has written three adult novels, The Coach’s Son, Morehead, and scary, man, along with two works for children, Wages Creek and now, Bats and Bones. He is well known for his audio books, as he does all the voices, as well as writing and recording all the music. He has toured the world doing readings. He and his wife, Karen, have been ridiculously in love for 33 years.

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