24 Hour Bookishjessp Readathon Experience

A couple weeks ago on August 22, I decided to give myself a challenge and that challenge was the first 24 Hour Bookishjessp Readathon. The following Monday I would be starting back to classes for the fall and I wanted to get a few of the smaller books I had sitting around read before the start of classes. I can say that it was definitely a great experience to have and I am hoping to do another one later this fall so more people can join me in this fun challenge.

10:00am the start

11:20 am

1 book completed!

12:20 pm

2nd book done!

1:00 pm

Time for my first break

3:30 pm

3rd book done!

4:00-8:00 pm

At this point I got lazy and just wanted to relax. I felt like I had a great start to my readathon, and decided now would be a great time for a long break and to make dinner.

8:00-11:00 pm

Right when I decided it was time to start reading the movie version of City of Bones came on TV and I’ve never seen it and well got distracted watching it and didn’t get any reading done.

11:00 pm – 2:00am

Watched The Beautiful Creatures movie and read my 4th book!

2:00-6:30 am

What was supposed to be a quick 1.5 hour nap turned into one that was quite longer…

6:30-10:00 am

Well by this point I lost most of my motivation, but I did get half of another book read in this time.

Final Thoughts

I had a great time doing my readathon and excited for my next one. I wish I could of finished more books especially the 5th one I was trying to get completed, but 4.5 books in a 24 hour period is pretty good I think.


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