The Lightrider Journals by Eric Nierstedt Review


Joseph Hashimoto is happy with his ordinary life. A man who believes in fairness and just action, Joe’s greatest love is his family. But as he moves about his days, he is completely unaware that his actions are carefully observed. With one momentous decision, Joe’s ordinary life is about to transform into an extraordinary existence. While attempting to save a little girl from danger, Joe is killed in a violent explosion. Instead of dying, however, his soul is brought before the elemental Architects of the Universe, who tell him he has been chosen for a sacred duty. Reborn as Lightrider, the earthly representative of Light, Joe is given leadership of the Elemental Knights, a group of half-man, half-animal beings. Charged with maintaining a delicate balance between good and evil, Joe must police both sides and destroy anyone who threatens to ruin it. As Joe struggles with his conflicting emotions and longing for home, he must face his greatest threat-the ancient Chaos Demons. In this fantasy tale, a man inadvertently thrust into a world of cosmic forces must come to terms with change and accept what needs to be done for the good of all.


*I received a copy of The Lightrider Journals by Eric Nierstedt for an honest Review*

Now The Lightrider Journals is not my usual cup of tea, but I’m trying to get into fantasy more and this was a good book for that. When I started reading I was not sure if I was going to like it, because to me it felt like a slower start and wasn’t sure how it was going to transition into what I was expecting. However, once you get a few chapters in the pace really starts to pick up and I got more into the story and excited to see what is next. Nierstedt can be a bit wordsy in his writing, and at the start one may not like this (like myself), but once the action starts happening you’ll be beyond happy for it, as it brings so much more of the story alive.

Nierstedt’s descriptions of the action/battle scenes are truly amazing. The details Nierstedt use to describe the demons the team of Elemental Knights fight make the demons appear perfectly in your mind as you read. Also the descriptions of the background environment help makes the battle scenes even clearer in your mind.

My favorite aspect of this book was seeing how all the Elemental Knights evolved from the time they were introduced, to their time in training learning to work as a team and learning about their powers, to the end. Nierstedt truly did a great job making sure that each character was developed. Granted some characters were more than others, but each character had some, which some authors wouldn’t have done.

Now, there is one group of characters I wished were developed more and they are the Architects of Creation. I know they are not the stars of the book, but I felt like I was missing something about them. Possibly in the sequel Equites, readers will get more details about them.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Lightrider Journals a lot more than I thought I was going to when I first started reading it. I am giving it 4.5/5 stars, for amazing action/battle scenes, great character development of the Elemental Knights, but wish it was a bit faster at the start and had more character development of the Architects of Creation.

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