Indie Author of the Month: Eric Nierstedt

Meet the Author:

Eric Nierstedt Eric Nierstedt grew up in central New Jersey, raised on a healthy diet of TV, comic books, and way, way too many books. As a child, he constantly daydreamed about his favorite stories, and re-adapting them to accommodate the early characters he was creating (and really, who didn’t think that Lord of the Rings could use more characters?). In high school, Eric started the early drafts of what would become The Lightrider Journals, an epic fantasy trilogy. The first draft clocked in a record nine pages (thankfully, high school is four years).

After being accepted to Kean University, Eric continued working on Lightrider, eventually expanding the book to well over 300 pages, and crafting a much richer tale of Elemental Knights, otherworldly demons, and the superhero struggle of power and responsibility. Eric has currently finished the second volume of Lightrider, Equites, and is hard at work at the third, and final installment.

In his spare time, Eric has written for various publications, usually on events concerning music, pop culture, and anything comic or book related. His work has also been noted by the NJ Wordsmith Competition. He cites the works of Stephen King and Terry Brooks, the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender, and comics such as Young Justice, as his primary influences in Lightrider. Eric plans to continue mining those influences, and more, as he crafts the next entry in the Lightrider saga.

I will soon be reading Eric’s book The Lightrider Journals and doing a review I hope to have up by mid next week. I will also be posting an author Q&A with Eric sometime later this month so keep your eyes open for both of these.

The Lightrider Journals Synopsis:

The Lightrider Journals Joseph Hashimoto is happy with his ordinary life. A man who believes in fairness and just action, Joe’s greatest love is his family. But as he moves about his days, he is completely unaware that his actions are carefully observed. With one momentous decision, Joe’s ordinary life is about to transform into an extraordinary existence.

While attempting to save a little girl from danger, Joe is killed in a violent explosion. Instead of dying, however, his soul is brought before the elemental Architects of the Universe, who tell him he has been chosen for a sacred duty. Reborn as Lightrider, the earthly representative of Light, Joe is given leadership of the Elemental Knights, a group of half-man, half-animal beings. Charged with maintaining a delicate balance between good and evil, Joe must police both sides and destroy anyone who threatens to ruin it. As Joe struggles with his conflicting emotions and longing for home, he must face his greatest threat—the ancient Chaos Demons.

In this fantasy tale, a man inadvertently thrust into a world of cosmic forces must come to terms with change and accept what needs to be done for the good of all.

Upcoming Event Eric will be at:

Newark Comic Con September 12, 2015

Author Links:


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