Pretty Enough for You by Cliff Hudder Review

Ne’er-do-well immigration attorney Harrison Bent can’t imagine why the wealthy and mysterious Maggie Leudecke wants him to solve her eminent domain problem.  If he didn’t have an angry wife to placate, an inscrutable stalker to identify, an obsessed girlfriend to escape, and a murder to solve, a successful outcome to the Leudecke case might revive his career, pay for his autistic son’s special school, and—most important of all—help convince his young paralegal, Chloe, that the afternoon she spent with him in a cheap motel wasn’t an error in judgment, but the beginning of something profound.

If only he had some clue as to what he was doing …

Such a wonderful debut novel by Cliff Hudder. Hudder will have you sitting on the edge of your seat through most of “Pretty Enough for You”. “Pretty Enough for You” is a fast paced novel, that will have you asking questions throughout the story, but don’t worry you will get the answers you were wanting. Along with asking questions you will be laughing through the humor that is scattered throughout the story. There are times however that I wished that Hudder would use less description of what is going on and get along with the story.
I think it is funny how Hudder gives his female readers a look into the male mind (not all males), from the playboy perspective. I was happy though that by the end of “Pretty Enough for You” the main character Harrison Bent had grown up in the sense of maturity.
I will be giving “Pretty Enough for You” 5/5 stars, for having a fast paced story line, and for telling a fun and exciting story throughout the whole novel (well after the first couple chapters).

CLIFF HUDDER earned an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Houston. His work has received the Barthelme and Michener Awards, the Peden Prize, and the Short Story Award from the Texas Institute of Letters.  His novella, Splinterville, won the 2007 Texas Review Fiction Award.  He teaches English at Lone Star College-Montgomery and lives in Conroe, Texas.

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