Awake by Natasha Preston Book Review

If you don’t already know the name Natasha Preston, you soon will. Natasha Preston a relatively new author who got her start in the writing world on Wattpad newest novel “Awake” comes out on August 4th, 2015.

“Awake” tells the story of a young girl named Scarlett on the verge of her 16th birthday who doesn’t remember anything before the age of 5 years old. Her parents tell her this is do to an incident involving a fire that burnt down her house. But after a car accident, Scarlett starts to remember parts of her childhood that she had forgotten. Between her parents are boyfriend, nothing is as she once thought. Scarlett will discover the world of a cult and her biological parents who rule the cult. Synopsis wise, this is all I’m going to say so I don’t give a lot away.

I was really excited to start “Awake” when I received my copy of it. I had heard a lot of booktubers on Youtube talk about it saying they received it at BEA or Bookcon. Sadly, once I started reading, I was a bit disappointed. I felt that Preston rushed introducing the romantic story line of the novel, by having it start in the first few pages. It really made it hard to learn about the individual characters on their own, because they barely had time on their own throughout the novel. Granted, I really did enjoy the connection between Scarlett and Noah, I just wished it was a developed connection and not insta-love.

My second big con about “Awake” is that for literally the first half of the book, the story moves very slowly with only a few parts that are fast paced. The pacing of the first half of the story almost made me not want to finish the novel. A lot of this may be do to the fact that a lot of the first half of the book is repetitive. Scarlett wanting to know answers and not getting them, and Noah trying to figure out what he should do when it comes to Scarlett.I remember when I was 41% of the way done with the book I wanted to scream at all the characters “DO SOMETHING!” Despite this, the second half of the story truly makes up for it.

All the excitement and drama that takes place in the second half of the book. For me, the second half of the book brought the story from a 1 star story to a 3 stars story. I would love to say everything that happens, but do not want to spoil the story for anyone, so I’m just going to say that in the second half of the story you finally get the answers you have been waiting for and the action as well. The twists that Preston uses very much remind me of “Hopeless” by Colleen Hoover which I love.

So despite not liking the start and overall first half of “Awake”, the second half really stepped up the whole story and made it so I am going to give “Awake” by Natasha Preston 3/5 Stars.

**I would like to thank NETGALLEY and SOURCEBOOKS for the opportunity to read this ARC.**

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