Where She Went by Gayle Forman Review

I first read “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman in April of this year and when I finished it, I knew I had to read “Where She Went”.

If you don’t already know, “Where She Went” is the sequel to “If I Stay” and is told from the perspective of Adam, three years after Mia woke up from her coma and left Oregon to go to New York City to attend Julliard, and basically cut Adam out of her life after getting there.

“Where She Went” had a lot going for it.My favorite part of this book was that through most of the books the odd number chapters would tell a story of something that happen in the past, while the even number chapters were happening in the present. I really loved this, because as a reader you have a lot of questions after the first few chapters of why things are the way they currently are for Adam (and his band Shooting Star) but mostly Adam, and these flashbacks really answer a lot of questions or give the reader insight of why Adam feels how he does. My favorite thing about the even chapters is that they start with lyrics of songs from Shooting Stars hit album Collateral Damage. I just thought that was a cool way, to bring in the music motif of the story a bit more, and really add to the story some, because the lyrics honestly have a story of their own.

While “Where She Went” had all these strong points, I can only really think of one negative thing to say, but it really impacted how I felt about the book. Despite loving how the odd chapters told stories from the past and the even chapters told about the present, this made for the story to move slowly. There were points while reading that I found myself getting annoyed by this,because I was so close to getting the answers I’ve been waiting for on why Mia cut Adam out of her life and then I’m having to wait so I can read a story from the past, that at that moment didn’t really give me anything. So really, if anything, my only issue with “Where She Went” would be the pacing.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Where She Went” by Gayle Forman. Gayle Forman has such a way with emotions. She doesn’t just pluck at your emotions, but she drum solos over them.

I’m giving “Where She Went” by Gayle Forman 4.5/5 stars. I really enjoyed the story and found it to be a great sequel, the pacing was just a bit off to me.


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