Missing Link Book Haul

Have you ever started reading a series and you’re one or two books in and you’re ready for the next, but you don’t have it and when you check the store you’re unable to find it? This past spring, I had this issue more times than I wanted. It really started bothering me when I got into reading the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson in May. I was able to find books 1-9, 11,12, and 14, so I thought “Well I can read 1-9 and I’ll find #10 by the time I was ready to read it.” Wrong! I went through the rest of May and June unable to find it anywhere. I was about to give up and ordered it online later this week, but I had the opportunity to go to Half Price Books today during my lunch break and decided to check there one last time for it, and to my surprise it was there!

I was so completely shocked that I found it and what else did I find right after? I found the 13th book in the series allowing me to complete the series. I thought I had hit the jackpot!

Here are all the books I got on my lunch break:

“10th Anniversary” (The Women’s Murder Club #10) by James Patterson
“Unlucky 13” (The Women’s Murder Club #13) by James Patterson
“The Initiation & The Captive pt. 1” (The Secret Circle Vol. 1) by L.J. Smith
“Where She Went” (If I Stay #2) by Gayle Forman
“Tidal” (Watersong Series #3) by Amanda Hocking
“The Enchantress Returns” (The Land of Stories #2) by Chris Colfer

Leaving the store, I felt great because I just got all the books at a great price. As I was walking down the strip center to meet up with my mom I realized that all the books I got were missing links to series that I had started but unable to move forward with and in the case of The Secret Circle books, I had Volume 2, but not Volume 1. After realizing this, I felt even better than I did before, because I am now able to complete a few series that I’ve been really wanting to move forward with.

Are there any books that are missing links for you? If so, comment below!

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