June 2015 Wrap-up

Was it just me or did June fly by quicker than usual? Well, I guess when you’re working full time and taking summer classes time does fly by quite fast. So in June was goal was to read 10 books, and well I surpassed that by 5 books!! I have to say I am quite happy with having read 15 books on top of doing school and work, and it put me at 72/85 books read for the year. Getting so close to completing my goal before my fall classes’ start!

“Compulsion” by Martina Boone 5/5 (6/2/15)

“In Real Life” by Joey Graceffa 5/5 (6/5/15)

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han 4/5 (6/7/15)

“It’s Not summer Without You” by Jenny Han 4/5 (6/9/15)

“We’ll Always Have Summer” by Jenny Han 4/5 (6/9/15)

“Last Chance Texaco” by Brent Hartinger 5/5 (6/10/15)

“Four” by Veronica Roth 4/5 (6/16/15)

“The Knife Thrower and Other Stories” by Steven Millhauser 3/5 (6/17/15)

“The Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller 3/5 (6/20/15)

“Who Let the Ghouls Out” by R.L. Stine 4/5 (6/21/15)

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Jenny Han 4/5 (6/22/15)

“Have You Met My Ghoul Friend” by R.L. Stine 3/5 (6/22/15)

“One Night in Doom House” by R.L. Stine 4/5 (6/24/15)

“Little Camp of Horrors” by R.L. Stine 4/5 (6/24/15)

“P.S. I Still Love You” by Jenny Han 4/5 (6/29/15)

In June, I really tried to read some stuff that is a bit different for me, like Jenny Han, Steven Millhauser (short stories), and R.L. Stine who I was a fan of when I was younger.  I am actually really happy that I took these chances, because I ended up loving Jenny Han aka a contemporary queen according to my Instagram follower “thebelljar”, and I reignited my like for R.L. Stine and realize how important his writing is to the age range he writes for.

Overall, I was very pleased with what I read this month. However, I did start reading “Specials” by Scott Westerfeld, but sadly, I was unable to finish it. The story was just not working for me. I may try reading it again later this year, but I’m not sure. I really struggled to finish “Pretties” by Scott Westerfeld in May.

Stay tuned for later this week, I will be posting my July TBR and also my July Book Recommendation of the Month (aka my favorite book from June that I think you should read).



  1. CIMHsv · July 7, 2015

    I am currently reading “Martin Dressler” by Steven Millhauser, which won the Pulitzer for fiction. What did you think of his short stories?


    • jepa2012 · July 9, 2015

      I really enjoyed them. I went into reading this book for one that a movie I watched was based on, but ended up enjoying most of them.


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